Virtual Maintenance Training Systems

Virtual Maintenance Training System is a software and hardware system allowing individual training and training under supervision of an instructor based on malfunction intervention on technical training program subjects (aircraft systems, diagram follow-up, component disassembly/assembly, testing, settings, etc.) to be used in trainings of aircraft maintenance personnel. The system allows intervention of trainees in malfunction scenarios by simulating animations and testing device capabilities supported by two/three-dimensional schematics and real images and thus prepares them for actual malfunction response procedures. 
  • Description of aircraft systems,
  • Response to and intervention in malfunctions by following malfunction scenarios
  • Interactive component disassembly/assembly works
  • Testing/measurement and setting capabilities
  • Lecture of training subjects in computer environment
References: T-129 ATAK Virtual Maintenance Trainer, F16C Virtual Maintenance Trainer

Record: 10/5/2017