Joint Task Force Modeling And Simulation System

Joint Task Force Modeling and Simulation System is software simulation based on a closed loop system, used in modeling joint force operations based on scenarios from platoon attacks to battalion front. The system can be used in tactical level. As part of the scenario, platoons or soldiers carrying weapons in the operation move in an autonomous way. The system can be used in Windows-based personal computers. The system provides analysis and decision support to users in the fields of military operation planning, simulation based procurement, weapon and sensor systems efficiency, force structure and effectiveness in combat zone, doctrine and concept using simulation techniques.
  • Mechanized infantry troops
  • Tank units and other land vehicles
  • Fire support units (howitzer, cannon, missile, mortar)
  • Helicopters (air-ground attack, helicopters transporting cargo and soldiers)
  • Short-range air protection systems, boats and river crossing operations
  • Military engineering activities
  • Communication (wired and wireless)

Record: 1/18/2017