Civil Aviation

Studies and activities are carried out in the civil aviation fields of Onboard Systems, In-Flight Entertainment Systems and Information Systems for Airport and Terminal Management.

Competencies in branches of System Engineering, Software Engineering, Avionics Integration Engineering and Manufacturing are as follows:

System Engineering
  • “Domain” and “Context” analyses, need analysis by closely working with clients, System Concept designs,
  • Ability to develop avionic systems in accordance with the Guidelines for System Development on Civil Airborne Platforms - ARP4754A,
  • System Safety Analyses of systems / equipment to be developed on Civil Airborne Platforms as per the Safety Assessment Guidelines ARP4761,
  • Compatibility analyses among avionic systems and equipment.

Software Engineering
  • Software development over avionic data buses such as ARINC 429, ARINC 1553 and Discrete,
  • Software management of software units developed for civil aircrafts,
  • Equipment and Software Status Monitoring and Software Redundancy capability,
  • Software development as per DO-178B/C standard,
  • In-Flight Entertainment Systems maintenance software,
  • High quality Mobile (Android and IOS) and Web applications and development Map application,
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) content protection solution approved by Hollywood studios,
  • Media Encoding and Video Streaming
  • Mobile device management capability with Mobil Device Management (MDM),

Avionics Integration Engineering
  • Hardware engineering activities for civil aircrafts and cabin systems
  • Hardware equipment development in safety standards of Civil Airborne Platforms,
  • High Signal Speed board design (Ethernet 1Gb, 2.5 Gb, Fiber), ARM based CPU board design, GSM board design and FPGA based,
  • Avionic server design,
  • Card design Avionic Mil-Std- 1553 / ARINC 429 / ARINC 717 architectures.

Application for “EASA Part 21 Subpart G Production Organization Approval (POA)” to make serial production of software for IFE systems.

Products and Projects
  • Wireless In-Flight Entertainment System,
  • Seat-Back Screen In-Flight Entertainment System,
  • Tablet Based In-Flight Entertainment System,
  • Onboard Internet (Connectivity),
  • Entertainment System for Lounges,
  • Airport and Terminal Management Information


Record: 1/18/2017