Basic Trainer Aircraft Training Center

Cadet pilots can have orientation initial, basic and jet advanced trainings in a complete way on the high-fidelity simulator systems at the Basic Trainer Aircraft Training Center. The Simulator Training Center has Operational Flight Training Simulators, Instrument Flight Training Simulators, Aircraft Training Device and Getting Off Board Trainers. There are also debriefing systems, database development systems and other support systems at the Center.

Main Features of Simulators and Trainings:
  • Integrated environment that fully addresses wide range of pilot training needs from getting on and off board training to simulated ammunition fire trainings,
  • Internal controls, motor startup, rule procedures, pre-takeoff / post-landing controls and motor stop trainings using the same or highly similar avionic systems as the real aircraft systems,
  • Take-off, instrument and visual navigation, approach, touch and go and landing trainings using the spherical display system that provides wideangle and high-resolution images,
  • Aircraft and avionic emergency trainings using simulated malfunction and emergencies,
  • Abnormal situations, acrobatic movements, stall and spin trainings using high-fidelity physics-based aerodynamic simulation models,
  • Night flight, instrument navigation / descend / approach and landing trainings using advanced technology display systems specially designed to generate realistic night visions,
  • Flight formation thanks to the interoperability of Operational and Instrument Flight Training Simulator.

Record: 1/18/2017