HAVELSAN Training Services
Product Features
    • Military Aviation Training
    • Commercial Aviation Training
    • General Military Trainings
    • Logistics Trainings

The use of simulators in flight training helps pilots to be prepared for risky situations without existence of real threat. In a simulated flight, pilots have the flexibility to make mistakes when it is not possible to survive in the real world. Simulating to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risk helps to learn how to avoid danger. In general, flight training with the simulator is the most practical and safe way to train emergency procedures in a low-stress environment.

Well-trained personnel is the most prominent operation factor in today’s hybrid operation environment. As the producer of simulators of platforms in service of many armed forces, HAVELSAN provides custom-made training services in order to conduct individual, crew and tactical trainings in a cost-effective way and meet the training needs of other combat function areas.

Military Aviation Trainings
    • S-70A/B (Blackhawk/Seahawk) Simulator
    • AS-532/332 Cougar Simulator
    • CN-235 Simulator
    • F-16 Simulator
    • T-38 Simulator
    • Pilot training with KT-1 Simulator
Commercial Aviation Trainings
    • AW-139 Simulator
    • AS-532/332 Cougar Simulator
    • CN-235 Simulator
General Military Trainings
    • Training on Operation in Residential Areas
    • Artillery and Forward Observer training
    • Training on Fight with Landmines and Improvised Explosives
Logistics Trainings
    • Basic Logistics Processes training
    • Procurement, Inventory and Warehouse Management training
    • Material Requirements Planning and Spare Part Management training
    • Configuration management

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