Video Conference System
Product Features
    • Secure Video Conferencing
    • Secure Teleconferencing
    • Secure Webinar
    • Secure Messaging
    • Secure File Sharing
    • LDAP Integration
    • User Profile Based Role and Authorization
    • Ability to Work on Private and Public Cloud
    • On-Premise Server Installation Support
    • Ability to Work on All iOS and Android Devices
    • Through Mobile Compatible Web Interface
    • Multi Language Support
    • Quick Setup Support (2 Hours)
    • Military and Institutional Encryption Standards
    • Desktop and Application Screen Sharing
    • Adaptive Video Quality
    • HD and 4K Support
    • Participants List View during the Conference
    • Hand Raise/Request Feature
    • Customization Option with Brand, Logo and
    • Domain Usage for Customers and Industries
    • 7/24 Maintenance Support Guarantee

HAVELSAN Diyalog is a Video Conference System which provides easy installation and management, secure, high-quality video and voice calls.

Diyalog supports both on-premise and cloud servers, can also work on mobile platforms. Diyalog provides secure video conference experience with user-friendly interfaces for the companies which have higher secure communication needs.

Diyalog provides end-to-end secure solutions such as messaging and file sharing by integrations with other secure communication applications that are developed by HAVELSAN.

Why HAVELSAN Diyalog?

- Browser-based experience without any need of additional application.
- Supported web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Tizen and Vivaldi.
- No need for any extra equipment, camera, etc. media units.
- Supports On-Premise and Cloud Server Installations.
- Unlimited participants and session time.

HAVELSAN Diyalog for Webinars

- Make inspiring presentations with over 1,000 participants.
- Efficient moderation capability with advanced moderator privileges.
- Engage your audience by virtual hand raising permission.
- Send your text messages to your audience during the webinar.
- Organize efficient trainings and academy activities within the company.
- Greet your audience in the lobby before their attendance.

HAVELSAN Diyalog for Meetings

- Collaborate your team via user-friendly interface.
- Set meetings with HD and 4K video quality.
- Share your presentations, videos, graphs, custom applications via the screen sharing feature.
- Share your files securely.
- Send your instant messages securely to the participants without interrupting the meeting.
- Attend meetings anytime from anywhere through any device.
- Identify and authorize your colleagues by LDAP Integration.
- Compatibility with the specific needs for each sector such as Healthcare, Education, Government, Military, etc.

Download HAVELSAN Diyalog Leaflet