Product Features
    • Increased Situational Awareness
    • Standard and Parallel Operational Planning
    • Preparation and Sharing of Plan, Order and Status Maps
    • Monitoring and management of Current Operations
    • Mission Replay and Rerunning of Previous Operations
    • Task and Report Management
    • ADatP-3 Message Management
    • Comparison of Planned and Current Situations
    • Comparison of Friendly and Enemy Forces
    • Instant Messaging (Chat)
    • Geographical Analysis
    • CBRN (Chemical, Biological Radiological and Nuclear) Support

It is unequivocal that the needs for Command and Control Information Systems (C2IS) capable of ensuring situational awareness for fast and accurate sharing of information on battlefield, and generating operational picture via operational planning, and facilitating the critical decision making process have increased. C2ISs are being employed for harmonized and coherent performance of such activities as the planning and management of battles and tasks and the generation of an operational picture for all (strategical, operational and tactical) command echelons.

HAVELSAN, by combining its vast knowledge and know-how with the most advanced technologies in C2IS field, has developed its DOOB (Defence Out of a Box) product family as an expandable joint C2IS for use by the Armed Forces in its basic war and resource management activities. DOOB Joint Command and Control Information System has been developed for dynamic planning, management, performance and assessment of the operations and tasks at all (strategical, operative and tactical) command echelons.

HAVELSAN DOOB Product Family, which are DOOB -HEADQUARTER, DOOB -TACTICAL and DOOB -MOBILE for different levels of command, it will be easier to make decisions according to changing conditions, to manage military operations successfully and minimize military casualties.


Complicated and ever-changing operational environments and conditions require a fast and correct decision making process. DOOB HEADQUARTER application provides and offers the information collected from different sources via different standard protocols through a combined interface, thereby ensuring interoperability and increasing situational awareness. It does not only support the national requirements and NATO requirements, but also can be easily adaptable and expandable to private requirements and needs as well. DOOB-HQ is a NATO-compatible Brigade-and-Above Joint Command and Control System having high interoperability at both strategical and operative levels.

  • Basic command and control information system capabilities
  • Increases situational awareness by creating joint picture at all command levels
  • During preparation of an operation, another operation can be plan or an exercise can be perform in different sub-elements.
  • Provides support for the entire command and control cycle through task analysis, planning, land support, and execution and evaluation of the operation
  • Allows the integration of pre-developed old systems with its reliable and capable infrastructure
  • With the same infrastructure, it can be easily integrated with other command and control systems available.
  • Web-based application and does not require any installation on the user side. Ease to operate and maintenance
  • Compatible with NATO and MIP. Without additional effort it shares current situation, plans, etc with the other countries involved in the coalition
  • Easily update according to STANAG and / or national needs.
  • Provides operational flexibility with its user-friendly interface.

One of the important situations in the operational field for all armed forces is to have faster and more accurate information about the exact positions and conditions of their forces-troops in the field of operation than the enemy forces. HAVELSAN DOOB TACTICAL designed for effective management and protection of their troops to be ensured, while high performance is provided for the operations to be carried out with minimum damage and success. HAVELSAN DOOB TACTICAL has easy installation and user-friendly interface. Its constant communication and reporting process to the headquarters improves the situational awareness in all units.

  • Tactical users can make their own plans and follow the current operation (Friendly Union Tracking)
  • Supports and speeds up military decition making process.
  • It can be used by pedestrian personnel in the field or it can be used by mounting on armored vehicles
  • It can contribute to situational awareness by entering information in accordance with the symbology standards and share this information instantly with DOOB HEADQUATER and DOOB MOBILE
  • These information is conveyed to the upper quarter and contributes to the formation of the Land and Joint image
  • It can work without being connected to the network or in low bandwidth.
  • DOOB MOBILE, it can monitor DOOB MOBILE users belonging to its own unit through the system.
  • The plans prepared with DOOB HEADQUATER at the top command can be uploaded to the system.

HAVELSAN DOOB MOBILE is a part of the Joint Command and Control Information System. DOOB MOBILE is designed for single soldier’s needs at the tactical level. DOOB MOBILE contributes to the activity of the mobile user in the field of operations and meets the need for the flow of information to senior commanders/headquarters. HAVELSAN DOOB MOBILE equipment has been developed independently and it is an important management and communication tool for tracking the user's health status and locations. It shares necessary information for success.

  • Android operating system based mobile application
  • Independent Hardware
  • Physical and technical control of the servers
  • Securely shares location and health information, tracks the status of other elements in its team
  • Integrated with top level Command and Control Information Systems
  • Offline map
  • Calculates the shortest route to the selected operation point
  • Group messaging, audio, video and photo sharing and live video transfer
  • Provides situational awareness at the level of single soldier, facilitates, joint operations
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