Holographic Situational Awareness System for C4ISR
Product Features
    • Operation Field Management,
    • Situational Awareness,
    • Operations Planning / Management,
    • Operational Analysis,
    • Engagement Planning / Management,
    • Navigation Planning / Management,
    • Tactical Sand Field (Operations Planning and Training)

Displaying the information generated in the tactical field to command control users and creating situational awareness is critical for the course of the battle. The situational awareness phase is the cornerstone of operational planning and management which will be carried out later. The nature of the imaging devices currently in use allows for two-dimensional display applications. This situation cause both physical dimension and perceptual limitations. These constraints cause the inability to be perceived by the users at a sufficient level together with the tactical elements of the operational field. Sandbox systems currently in use for operational planning activities carried out in joint operations centers do not adequately represent the operational field and do not contain sufficient features for effective planning.

HAVELSAN Holographic Situational Awareness System (ASGER); It is augmented and built on virtual reality technologies. HAVELSAN ASGER offers users interfaces in a different perspective. The most important perspectives is the presentation of 2D / 3D components in the form of a hologram. In this context, it is aimed to provide a perspective change in terms of visual interfaces of command and control systems currently used by the armed forces. HAVELSAN ASGER’s 3D hologram capability increases the effectiveness of the missions and military decision-makers. The potential application areas of the HAVELSAN ASGERHolographic Command and Control System include Land, Air and Navy Combat Systems. In this context, HAVELSAN ASGER includes basic products that can be used in general military operations (planning, analysis), operational management, post-operational analysis. It provides force-specific holographic command control systems together with auxiliary modules specific to the operational modes of the forces.

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