Product Features
    • User-Friendly Interface and Easy Configuration Wizard
    • Turkish and Multi-Language User Interface Support including Right-to-Left Languages
    • Low Maintenance Requirement
    • Active RAM Technology
    • N-Active Technology
    • EAL 4+ Certification Application

Load balancers are products that allow multiple servers to be operated in harmony so that Information Technologies electronic services can work without interruption. Basically, for the continuity of applications or services, they ensure that requests from clients are distributed to the servers that offer the application in accordance with the determined policies. Web application firewall devices are family members of network application security devices developed to provide security for web applications which firewalls and IPS/IDS devices cannot. Load balancer and web application firewall device examines the traffic analyzed in detail and protects against attacks by using various algorithms.

HAVELSAN WAF/LB is a Load Balancing and Web Application Firewall product that is developed to provide load balancing for very high level network traffic and to detect and block attacks against web applications that are among the cyber attack targets. This product, which is specially designed to protect web applications, prevents attacks that cannot be detected by softwares like classic firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

While using HAVELSAN WAF/LB, which has a user-friendly design, users can easily perform configuration settings and rule definition. The architectural design of the product ensures that the request is defined and directed to application servers even in extremely heavy network traffic. Thanks to the function of terminating SSL traffic, the product can also increase the performance of application servers.

Download HAVELSAN WAF/LB Leaflet