HAVELSAN Human Resources Directorate Business Partnership Team Leader Burcu Yıldız , said in her statement to AA correspondent, they started a survey on reverse brain drain study for company personnel going abroad, she said that they determined the steps they will take by analyzing them.

Yıldız, who stated that their target audience is both those who go abroad and who study, work, live but want to return home, stated that they focused especially on the second group in career fairs abroad. Stating that they do not see the departures from HAVELSAN and defense industry completely negative,

Yıldız said:

"We live in a global world where borders are lifted. in order to be one to one with technologies someone has to see what is being done, experience it and then integrate it into our systems. We are building a human resources system that constantly develops, changes and improves itself. Therefore, those who return from abroad do not experience a shock. We do our best to avoid such a situation as We were doing this there, not here, we are constantly modernizing our systems. We try not to keep in touch with our outgoing friends. When our friends want to return again, the evaluation process was much longer, we shortened those processes, we opened our arms with pleasure and we await them. "

Yildiz said that they told HAVELSAN employees, if they contribute to bring in companies from abroad, they gave a small gift to those employees. describing

She said they listen their experiences gained abroad, asking, " What is there, what you saw, why you went, why you returned?” “We are trying to learn them. For many of our friends, the issues of permission are very important. Generation Y has a need. Our hope is that they return and provide added value to our country. " She also gave information about the results of their efforts last year.

"We included 15 people in 2019. There is a picture that we are proud of, they came from the companies that adorned our friends dreams. Google We have friends from, Microsoft , Mastercard , ASML . They came from different countries such as the Netherlands, USA, UK, Germany and added color to us. "

Yıldız emphasized that their work is not limited to those who went abroad and stated that the employees took various steps to increase their loyalty to the company.

They will go to England and Germany again this year, Stating that they will hold talks in the Netherlands, the USA and Pakistan, Yıldız said, "We made a map last year. We are going to allocate more resources to all of them this year, planned and much more knowing what we want. used the expression.

About 3 years working as the manager of product development in New York City at MasterCard Ilgin Safak , with the knowledge and work experience in the defense industry returned to Turkey to assess the payment.

Safak, who started working as a solution engineer within HAVELSAN, said that his greatest motivation for return is to carry out an R&D project within the scope of TUBİTAK's International Leaders Researchers Program, proposed by human resources. Safak said, TUBITAK and seize this opportunity offered by HAVELSAN said he decided to return to Turkey.

He said going abroad was a nice experience, personal development and stressed that provides very useful in terms of career Safak, "Of course everything is rosy, besides, working in our country, living, being together with family and friends is the biggest happiness. " Stating that the International Leadership Researchers Program is very meaningful in terms of "reverse brain drain", Safak stated that the supports in this context can be increased.Underlining that his work discipline and knowledge in the field of product development will contribute to his business and project in HAVELSAN, Şafak underlined that he is working on device discovery in distributed IoT networks. The decision whether to participate or not will be made autonomous. I believe it will make an important contribution in the field of cyber security. It will have outputs that can be used in both defense, defense industry and payment industry. " he said.

"I went to return"

HAVELSAN Electronic Hardware Engineer İlker Yağdere
has been working in the defense industry for about 10 years, after completing his doctorate, in 2018, how high-tech projects and products are made in developed countries, how they have a perspective He said he started working at the Netherlands-based ASML to observe.

Noting that he went to go abroad, not to stay abroad, Yağdere spoke about his observations in this process:

"Post-doctorate I wanted to make an observation. Their head structures are quite comfortable for us. They have 30-40 days of annual leave. Since the employees working 8 hours a day are overworked, 10-14 days are added to the days of leave. This is our country, and somebody should stay here and do something. We are not better in every issue. Every country has its own structural problems, we also have it. The country makes an investment for you, you train yourself for years, you learn, then it is not easy to return when you leave and suddenly, most of those who go do not return. there is a loss. I came back after I said I saw what I would see. Explaining that he is a member of the electronic hardware development team in HAVELSAN and works on issues such as electromagnetic compatibility, Yağdere said, "It is nice but difficult to return those who have gone. It is something we can do more easily. It is done. " found the evaluation.

"It makes more sense to use for our own people"

HAVELSAN Senior Software Specialist Eren Şimşek
said that after 10-12 software developer experience, his wife went to the USA for academic studies and had the opportunity to work on Google for about 1 year.

After the completion of his wife's academic work, Şimşek said that they decided to return despite the opportunity to stay in the USA. I was not meeting with HAVELSAN. As soon as I got back, I started working in HAVELSAN. I work in big data and artificial intelligence team. " Pointing out that living in a remote place like the USA negatively affects the relationships with the family and social life, Şimşek said, "We did not want to give up our friend and our kins. You left your country where you spent your life, grew up socioculturally, earned something culturally. The idea of ​​working elsewhere for someone wasn't nice after a while. " said.

He added that the structure of the organizational structure in Turkey, stating that there should be more horizontal, said:

"Among employees of ideas rather than the hierarchy, conditions, problems, some discussion of opportunities and it's more democratic I believe that people should be able to do it independently of their status and position. People should say all this more comfortably, and top managers should consider them.

17 02 2020
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