HAVELSAN General Manager Ahmet Hamdi Atalay is reported to visit Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TTSO), and to exchange views with its Chairman M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu about various technology-based projects.

During his TTSO visit in company with our Secretary General Baykal Yaylı and Human Resources Director Oğuzhan Coşkunyürek, HAVELSAN General Manager Ahmet Hamdi Atalay is also informed about the economy and trade in this city.

HAVELSAN General Manager Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, reminding that the global trade is oriented towards China-centred eastern hemisphere in the new millennium just as it was in the past, adds: “We, as Turkey, have the advantage of passage of all trade routes through our country, whether oriented from east to west or from west to east. We have to make the best of this fact. Our part is to get prepared for it, be organized, and work hard in unity. It is very important to be competitive in the global markets. We have already achieved this in defence industry. Our national defence industry exports are growing up, and we are one of a few countries included in this list. Our Government has already seen the future and made investment in this area. We are chosen and preferred not through friends or acquaintances, but due to our top quality products. We are capable of competing with even foreign corporations which are almost 100 times larger than us. To this end, we are working hard and will continue to do so.”

Emphasizing that Technocities specialized particularly in certain areas are required to be opened for the sake of growth and development in technological production in Turkey, Atalay says: “It is important to narrow down the area and to deepen the specialization. The world is now proceeding in this direction.”

“We are currently engaged in various different activities in tandem with our strategic plan aiming to take Trabzon, already being a deep-rooted city of commerce, a step forward through export and technology-focused investments,” says TTSO Chairman Hacısalihoğlu, and adds: “Incubation centre established in the Technocity was the first step towards this goal. There, we created and prepared an environment for conduct of high added value researches by engineers. By Innovation Centre followed by an Investment Island and a special institute to be founded, we are intending to make Trabzon one of the middle and high technology centres. Furthermore, with its agricultural items such as hazelnut and salmon-weighted fishery and aquaculture products, and industrial production having a wide range varying from machinery to furniture, and education opportunities, and health centre positioning, and recent development in tourism, Trabzon is one of the leading and important centres of both the region and our country.”

TTSO Chairman M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu and HAVELSAN General Manager Ahmet Hamdi Atalay came to mutual agreement and consensus on entering into cooperation in some technology-focused projects.

Hacısalihoğlu and Atalay exchanged thank-you plaques in the memory of visit. HAVELSAN General Manager Atalay also visited TTSO Special Silk Road Museum, got information about works therein, and signed the museum book.

28 02 2020
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