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Turkish defense industry keeps developing the critical systems without any pause in the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic period by taking necessary precautions.


Launching a number of projects for the Turkish Naval Forces, HAVELSAN has now moved the sixth product of the Submarine Information Distribution System from the production line to the test line. The system is specifically designed for New Type Submarine Project. 


The sixth product of the Submarine Information Distribution System (SMIDS), which is one of the 3 projects being conducted under the New Type Submarine Program managed by HAVELSAN’s Command and Control and Defense Technologies has moved to the test line with its new features this month. 


SMIDS is planned to be integrated into the TCG Selmanreis submarine. Hardware and software updates for SMIDS, which also features an integrated data record system, have been completed on time and the system has been finalized. 


Reis-Class Submarines Will Operate Safely and Effectively


HAVELSAN engineers now can develop SMIDSs, which were previously supplied from foreign companies. Moreover, new features can be integrated into the system with ease. 


These systems, which are regarded as the “heart” of submarines, provide redundant and uninterrupted data flow. Owing to these systems, Reis-Class submarines will operate more safely and be able to perform their operational duties uninterruptedly in the most efficient way.


The System Is Used in Pakistan Submarines


The system that is registered in the Turkish Patent Institute drew the attention of international submarine construction and modernization programs with its advanced features.


Pakistan Navy also decided to use SMIDS for the modernization of Agosta-Class submarines available in their inventory. Installation of the first system in the said project was completed and port reception tests were completed successfully. The second system’s factory acceptance tests were also finalized with success. 


Moreover, HAVELSAN began to produce SMIDS for 4 submarines last year, after the decision on using it for the modernization of Preveza-Class submarines with its effective performance. It is expected to conduct the factory acceptance tests of the first system this year after taking all necessary measures.


Local Content Target Exceeded


SMIDS, produced 100 percent locally from its design to integration, makes its mark on increasing the local content ratios within the defense industry. 


The local content rate, which was envisaged as 70% under the SMIDS contract, has reached 75%. Hardware design and the software of the system were produced by HAVELSAN engineers. The level of local content ratio is in line with the local production goals of the Presidency of Defense Industries of the Turkish Presidency. 


Since it will be used in challenging environmental conditions in the submarine ships, SMIDS was subject to rather long and comprehensive endurance tests and passed all those tests successfully. 

23 05 2020
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