The domestic cybersecurity solution, HAVELSAN Bariyer, has completed its national and international security and compliance certification procedures. 


HAVELSAN Bariyer, as the first product in Turkey to receive the “EAL 4+ Certificate” last year -which stands for high-security level in the field of data loss prevention (DLP) software under International Common Criteria-, has also become the first product to receive TRTEST Certificate of Compliance in its field. 


TRTEST test and Evaluation Inc. evaluated the application for the compliance of DLP Bariyer product by HAVELSAN as part of Turkey Cyber Security Cluster’s Project on Testing and Certification of Cyber Security Products. TRTEST has found the product to be compliant with the TRTEST-TSKGK-DLP-01 Criterion.


HAVELSAN Bariyer has now successfully passed the most challenging stage to be taken into the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces as one of the “most reliable products by receiving the certificate of compliance from TRTEST. HAVELSAN Bariyer offers sensitive data and policy management features, including prevention of transfer of critical data outside and ensuring the security and follow-up of the data sent out.


HAVELSAN Bariyer encompasses many other features such as following up or blocking the content of the e-mails sent and websites visited, as well as permission options for USB data storage devices, USB Plug and Play devices, and smartphones to block or allow transferring of the institutional data into them.

28 05 2020
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