HAVELSAN to Deliver the Last Submarine Information Distribution System for Turkish Navy

Within the scope of the New Type Submarine Project (YTDP), HAVELSAN delivered the last Submarine Information Distribution System (DBDS) to the Naval Forces Command for the 6th and last submarine.

Thanks to new capabilities, the Submarine Information Distribution System succeeded in getting ahead of its counterparts around the world.

DBDS also aims to provide significant convenience and savings in the integration of the Submarine Combat System in the National Submarine Project (MILDEN).


HAVELSAN Contributes to the Strength of Turkish Naval Forces

The Turkish Navy is on the verge of a strategic platform transformation that will strengthen its power. As one of the Navy’s principal naval systems provider, HAVELSAN provides the combat management and information distribution systems of the new type submarines to be built within the scope of Turkish Navy's new type of submarine project.

HAVELSAN’s Project Manager underlined the importance of this system developed by HAVELSAN engineers:

The data coming from the sensors that detect the location of the submarine are received and collected in a center. This data is then processed, interpreted and distributed to the relevant systems in the required format. So, this system is the heart of the submarine in a way.”

HAVELSAN has a key role and importance in the naval projects and develops the cutting-edge combat management system software for existing and future platforms of Turkish Naval Forces.


HAVELSAN VTS to Watch Turkish Straits and NATO

HAVELSAN Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) software is now in service for the Turkish Straits. HAVELSAN VTS is developed to monitor, regulate, organize and manage all ship traffic movements in any straits.

The system has gained the distinction of being one of the largest systems in its field, according to approximately 500 ship traffic service systems in 50 countries.


Developed for the Directorate General of Coastal Safety of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, HAVELSAN is ensured to monitor and manage the ship traffic in Turkish seas.


The HAVELSAN Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Software, was also successfully used for the first time in NATO's Maritime Security Exercise held in December 2021. NATO Maritime Security Centre of Excellence announced that for the first time in the history of the exercise, satellite images obtained by private space-based earth observation companies were transferred to the HAVELSAN VTS and displayed on the system.

Live AIS (Automatic Identification System) traces obtained by a company participating in the exercise were also integrated into the HAVELSAN VTS and displayed.

In the first two days of the NATO Maritime Security Exercise, academic presentations were shown to the participants outside of Türkiye via the video conference system, HAVELSAN Diyalog.



HAVELSAN command control and defence technologies vice general directorate is Türkiye’s largest centre for military software and system integration. HAVELSAN develops the necessary software and indigenous systems for the satisfaction of the comm and and control, correspondence, data processing, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance needs of institutions/organisations at both home and abroad, including: armed forces, civil aviation, coast guard, gendarmerie and coastal safety.


31 12 2021
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