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  • HAVELSAN made a strong impression with its remarkable high technologies during IDEF’21

Within the scope of the swarm algorithm, HAVELSAN has developed Digital Troops in which unmanned autonomous aerial and ground vehicles can perform joint operations was exhibited for the first time at IDEF’21. The major elements of Digital Troops, namely Armed Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle BARKAN, Unmanned Autonomous Aerial Vehicle BAHA, and Micro Reconnaissance UAV System M6, were introduced to participants at IDEF'21. 



HAVELSAN also demonstrated its competencies in naval command, control, and combat management systems at IDEF'21.

HAVELSAN announced the Airborne Early Warning and Control System “KARTAL” to the public for the first time at IDEF'21 and informed the participants about the Peace Eagle Project, in which it plays an important role.







One of the most crucial roles that HAVELSAN played in IDEF'21 was providing this international fair through contact-free and digital communication in line with the pandemic conditions.

HAVELSAN, the Digital Communication Sponsor of IDEF'21, provided all participants with the opportunity to meet with their customers who could not attend the fair via HAVELSAN Diyalog at the Digital Communication Center established at the exhibition area, free of charge.





In addition, HAVELSAN also made the secure data storage and sharing platform “HAVELSAN Drive” available to users. By scanning the QR codes, the users could access all promotional materials uploaded to the HAVELSAN Drive Platform by the participating companies of IDEF'21. This contact-free fair experience that HAVELSAN brought is a significant achievement in terms of the digital fair concept of the future.