HAVELSAN participated in the Shield Africa event, which was held on 8-11 June in the Ivory Coast to showcase its Land, Naval, and Air solutions for the defence and security of African continent. At the event, the senior generals and commanders were highly interested in HAVELSAN’s products and solutions.





International Business Development Team met with the Ivory Police Headquarters, heads of delegations from Mauritania, Djibouti, South Africa, and also the Ministers of both Defense and Interior of Malawi. In addition, they visited ABIDJAN Ambassador Havva Yonca Gündüz Özçeri and received information about cooperation and partnerships in the Ivory Coast.

HAVELSAN has promoted its competencies and current special projects to the Ivory Coast army. Chief of Staff lieutenant general Lassina Doumbia received information about Sniper Simulator, Parachute Simulator, and Residential Area Combat Training Simulation and Test Center products. HAVELSAN's Simulation and Defense Technologies offers great advantages for the African market.

HAVELSAN Sniper Training Simulator is a brand new, accuracy training simulator for long-distance shooting that uses the 3-12x riflescope. A microdisplay and related optics added to the scope enabling the synthetic sniper view to be visible to the trainee. As an add-on function to HAVELSAN Shooting Simulator, it offers snipers and observers the ability to get training in any defined scenario.





Moreover, HAVELSAN Parachute Simulator helps to train paratroopers in a Virtual Reality environment. Parachute Simulator training helps to decrease the number of real jumps and classroom training. Jumpers become aware of the geographical environment, which increases the success of the operations. With the help of malfunction training, jumpers get accustomed to emergencies, which decreases the risk for jumpers.

HAVELSAN Military Operation in Urban Terrain (MOUT) is designed to provide the challenging and surprising environment of urban terrains. Since urbanized terrain battles require special skills and trained personnel to conduct successful operations, HAVELSAN MOUT is there to sharpen commanders' and soldiers' skills and improves reflexes in the complexity of urbanized terrain battles. 





Similarly, HAVELSAN Artillery Forward Observer Simulator (AFOS) is a trusted and computer-based system that sharpens the personnels' skills. It allows training a group of up to 40 Forward Observers and Fire Direction Center Personnel simultaneously.

As HAVELSAN, we are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technologies, proven and reliable end-to-end solutions for every kind of challenge, threat, and need of African nations.


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16 06 2021
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