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HAVELSAN, working for meeting the software-based needs and demands of defence and information sectors, is reported to buy 25 percent shares from SSTEK Savunma Sanayii Teknolojileri AŞ, thus becoming a partner in Ulak Haberleşme AŞ (ULAK AŞ), actively operating in new generation communication technologies.

“Mobile communication technologies were mostly hardware-based at the beginning, but this fact has gradually changed by time, and together with 5G, hardware has been standardized, and we reached a stage of performance of main business activities basically through software,” says to AA reporter by Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, General Manager of HAVELSAN.

“Infrastructure of new generation communication technologies has turned out to be software-weighted, rather than hardware,” emphasizes Atalay. “And this in turn has naturally and automatically entered into the area of interest of HAVELSAN as it was founded to develop software-intensive technologies.”

Reminding that 14-15 firms have previously come together in the Communication Technologies Clustering in order to develop local 5G technologies, “We have also received an invitation for development of software-based products and for coordination of works of other firms, and have thus been involved in the process,” says Atalay.

“Thus, 5G has come out to be a new field of business and activity for our Company,” says Atalay, and continues: “ULAK AŞ had some initiatives and plans for 5G. While there are not more than 5 countries working on 5G in the world, the co-existence of 2 separate organizations involved in the same process in our country was not understandable. These 2 groups had to collaborate for effective and efficient use of resources and for avoidance of duplication. Then, the task of coordination and integration of the works of these 2 groups is entrusted to HAVELSAN. We have so naturally found ourselves in a position directly involved in the works ongoing in ULAK AŞ. As an extension thereof, we purchased 25 percent of capital shares of that company. As a result, works on 5G communication technologies continued by 2 separate groups concurrently in Türkiye have been combined under a single roof in HAVELSAN organization. We are also aiming to actually bring these two groups together through actions to be taken in the future.”

“We are going to be within the central software named ‘core’ of the new generation communication networks,” says Atalay, and adds: “The products resulting from these collaboration works will be the products and technologies already being used by us in our other fields of business. Technologies relating to virtualization and management of communications, and products and solutions in respect to some services offered via communication networks, and other products and solutions already used or to be used by us for other purposes… Thus, it has many aspects matching up with us. This will indeed not end with 5G. From now on, we are going to follow all works and initiatives focused on new generation communications. And we will be inside their parts directly related to our fields of activity and business…”

31 03 2020
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