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HAVELSAN, which is dedicated to continuously provide the most effective and technological solutions  to the security forces, signed an Letter of Intent for the Mass Production of Medium-Class Unmanned Ground Vehicles with the Presidency of Defence Industries.


The BARKAN showed its difference with its AI-supported autonomous tracking capability at the UGV and Military Robotic Technologies Ceremony organised by the Presidency of Defence Industries where Turkish-made Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) were exhibited.


After the signing ceremony, while light, medium and heavy-class UGVs performed the designated tasks in a special test area, the BARKAN performed autonomous human tracking first and then autonomous vehicle tracking.





Finally, the BARKAN, with the advantage of its small size, successfully carried out the mission of transferring to another region by boarding the armoured unmanned ground vehicle SHADOW RIDER developed by FNSS, and received full marks from the audience.


The final tests of BARKAN, one of the products developed by HAVELSAN within the concept of Digital Troops, were completed in September 2021. The BARKAN, which can perform surveillance, transport, reconnaissance, 3D mapping and on which a machine gun can be mounted, is designed to board armoured vehicles together with soldiers.


The BARKAN, which can be controlled remotely, can travel 40 kilometres back and forth. It has thermal and normal cameras and it is controlled by a 3G modem, LTE and satellite communication system. The BARKAN, on which a long-barrelled 7.62 machine gun and a grenade launcher can be mounted, can hit stationary and moving targets.


Prepared for important surveillance and reconnaissance tasks, the BARKAN can track people and vehicles. It can reach a speed of 20 km/h depending on the conditions. One of its biggest features is autonomous patrol. In other words, target detection, positioning, routing, returning home, mapping.


In the near future, it is planned to develop a 7.62 mm weapon system and optical systems for HAVELSAN UGVs, including the BARKAN, and to integrate High-Power Laser Systems to them

06 11 2021
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