Technology Management

In the current period, technological developments have gained momentum, and it has become rather important to manage the developing technologies correctly. And naturally, the countries and firms facing difficulty in correct management of technology are condemned to fail and get out of date. The most important factor which can make the ongoing development and growth momentum of our country sustainable and effective in technology field is the correct use of existing resources.

Technology management is a set of processes that includes planning, correct management ,control and coordination of technological competencies that HAVELSAN has to develop in order to realize its strategic goals and objectives.

As HAVELSAN, it is our fundamental duty to determine the best and correct steps required to be taken for minimization of external dependence of our country in critical technology fields such as big data, augmenter reality, trusted execution environments, digital twin, artificial intelligence and machine learning, autonomous systems and new generation communications, and to make sure that these steps are taken.

Fulfilling the undertaken duty by correctly linking and connecting the engeneering, science and management disciplines with each other is a reinforcing fact for our competitive and strong stance. Close monitoring of the global technologic developments, proactive prediction of their future positioning, and continuous studies aimed at determination of correct science and technology policies are the basic areas of activity of technology management. Correct management of technology smooths the way for high efficiency and quality in introduction of products and services to market, and for increase of value offered by these products and services to customers.