Robotics and Autonomy

Today, in parallel with the developments in the field of hardware, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems have become technologies that provide a wide range of applications. HAVELSAN has been using various sub-components of these technologies, important components such as image processing, intelligence, structural simulation, and virtual reality for many years in military fields. HAVELSAN infrastructure projects (HAVELSAN Augmented Reality Framework - HARF) have been carried out recently in the field of augmented reality, and these technologies are also utilized in this area. Compared to its competitors in the world, the platform we developed works on all operating systems, integrates with different glasses and hardware models, and ensures that data is securely stored and transferred. In addition, applications running on our own servers run completely safe. Future projects such as New Generation Simulation, Digital Soldier, Digital Pilot/Commander, Remote Maintenance, Remote Operation are planned to be implemented using this development platform.

As of 2019, HAVELSAN has started to conduct deep R&D activities in the field of "Robotics and Autonomous Technologies". The knowledge to be gained through the related studies and the products to be developed will enable HAVELSAN to continue to exist as a leading defense industry company with high technology competence and competitiveness in national/international markets.

The first R&D project launched in the field of “Robotics Autonomous Technologies” is the "Autodrive Project", which aims to develop an "Autonomous Driving Kit" for off-road and highway land vehicles. This project brings together teams from different R&D units of HAVELSAN and it is carried out within the scope of multidisciplinary, comprehensive and long-term planning. The process that starts with the driving kit to be developed over the land vehicle usage scenario; will be maintained with the goal of "autonomy in military, civilian land, air, sea and space vehicles".