New Generation Communication

HAVELSAN has invested 50 M TL in New Generation Communication Technologies in 2018 and is developing 5G and beyond mobile communication technologies with its 50-person team of electronic and computer engineers.

End-to-End Domestic and national 5G project are being carried out within the scope of 4 items;


  • Core network software running in operators data centers: 5G Core Network software has been successfully presented to our mobile operators in 5G workshops until today. With this software, which is ready to be used over 80 percent, mobile operators in Turkey will be able to obtain domestic and National software in their data centers.

  • Mission Critical Data and Video Communication Software: With this software, public officials such as police, 112, fire department will be able to use their communication capabilities much higher than their radio capabilities from mobile phones at 5G speed. The flow of information between first responders will transcend voice communication and be valued with data and video. Our mission critical communication software developers have participated in the MCX Plugtest meeting organized by the European telecom Standards Institute and it has been proven that HAVELSAN, the only firm participated in that meeting from Turkey, can work in line with other mission critical software manufacturers in Europe.

  • Network Virtualization (NFVI) Infrastructures: Software that works in both the data center and the operator's base station is now becoming software independent. This is possible with network virtualization software. With the NFVi infrastructure that HAVELSAN will produce, network software with high readiness level and performance in mobile network service standards will be possible.

  • HAVELSAN End-to-End Testing and Integration Laboratory: In this laboratory, all components of 5G are integrated from the base station to the data center and qualification tests are performed. Also in this test center, which includes an operator data center sample, compatibility tests of virtualized network functions produced by different manufacturers will be performed. With the developments in communication technology generated by 5G; new technologies, such as Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Autonomous Vehicles etc. will be essential parts of our lives.