Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

With the developing technology and communication methods, the data produced by human beings is increasing rapidly. Today, more than 7 billion people use the internet, approximately 2,500 petabytes of data are produced in a day. With the “Internet of Things(IoT) devices that are slowly beginning to enter our lives and the 5G communication technologies that will double the communication speeds, it is anticipated that humanity's data production speed will increase exponentially.

Big Data, in which valuable information can be obtained by processing with data mining techniques and artificial intelligence technologies, is called the “oil of the new age” in terms of its advantages and potential opportunities. By making sense of the large-scale data processed with Artificial Intelligence technologies, great superiorities can be achieved in the military field, major steps towards energy efficiency can be taken, unprecedented intelligence capabilities can be gained, human life can be facilitated through smart urbanization practices, and great advantages can be achieved in many areas such as from finance to cyber security, business intelligence to information management.

HAVELSAN aims to keep up with this new information age with its capabilities in Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence, that has become a necessity of the information age and whose importance is undeniably increased.

HAVELSAN also enables people without technical competence to take advantage of its Big Data Analysis and artificial intelligence technologies. With its solutions in the fields of business intelligence and intelligence, it enables people to make sense of big data and gives institutions the ability to make “data-based decision-making” by integrating it into Decision Support Systems. With its big data analysis capabilities, it reveals hidden and open connections within data coming from many different sources, whether regular or irregular (Tactical Field, Autonomous Vehicles, Social Media, etc.). Using the most up-to-date machine learning techniques in the literature, it can be possible to make sense of data which is impossible to make sense by human power in terms of resources, in a fast and scalable way.

HAVELSAN aims to meet the domestic and national technoloical needs in this field with its solutions developed in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and aims to position our country as a pioneer in international competition.