National Judicial Network Project (UYAP)

The National Judicial Network Project - UYAP - is a management information system that fully automatizes judiciary and judicial support units using all the necessary modern technological improvements. It is the first product by which e-Justice process has been fully created as one of the most important steps in e-transformation processes of countries.

Developed in a way compatible with electronic signature infrastructure, UYAP has created a central information system and this system insures complete functional integration between the judiciary and judicial support units. Accurate and consistent information can be accessed by all users depending on their authorizations  thanks to full integration of UYAP and its archive kept in central electronic environment. Users have fast and easy access to such information whenever they need, and likewise, judiciary units can exchange any type of information and document via the electronic environment in very short almost instantaneous periods of time.  Last versions of information and documents are kept in the database in a secure and unchangeable way and unauthorized access is not possible in UYAP. Correspondence that would usually take weeks can be done in a few seconds in the electronic environment; furthermore, technological infrastructure of UYAP allows fast adaptation to external institution integrations and inter-institution communication is conducted within the minimum period of time possible.

Some important benefits of UYAP can be listed as follows:
  • Data is entered into the system only once, which eliminates reentry of the same data; since the data is kept at one single place inside the system, all users (judges, prosecutors and other judicial personnel) have instant access to complete, correct and up-to-date data according to their authorizations thanks to central  structure and internal integration.
  • Evidence is gathered in a swift and healthy way for investigations and lawsuits.
  • When deviation from normal situations set by the UYAP Decision Support (Warning) System and the legislation occurs, the system generates warnings to user; this way, material and procedural errors are minimized and audit is ensured at all times, and unnecessary reversal of judgments and prolonged lawsuits are prevented. In addition, this system provides efficiency in follow and catching the wanted.
  • Because the Document Management System featured in the UYAP allows easy follow-up of documents and work flows, and storage of document versions; issues such as who did what on any document at any given time for how long, and the associated workload of that person during that timeframe, etc. and negligence or  procrastination on jobs can easily be detected, which in turn ensure an effective management and inspection.
  • The system incorporates full text search capabilities inside documents in text format, subsystem inquiries and information to support decision making by judicial units.
  • Any information or file can be easily found by means of reporting and inquiring enabled in the UYAP.

Record: 1/18/2017