HAVELSAN A.Ş. Türk Silahlı Kuvvetlerini Güçlendirme Vakfı'nın bir kuruluşudur.

Military Healthcare Automation System (MHAS)

The Call/Solution Center organization created in line with the requirements of HAVELSAN projects that cannot tolerate any interruption in terms of its critical mission and stakeholders it affects like the Military Healthcare Automation System yielded quite differentiating experience concerning fulfillment of demands of both  users and functionalities and also ensuring continuity in system operation. Within this frame, continuity of higher than 99.9% has been ensured for years in the MHAS project, which was realized under one single contract, and the biggest national health information system project of both Turkey and the near regions. Capabilities gained under this project include:
  • Hypervisor based virtualization
  • Integrated health chain operation
  • 7/24 Call Center Operation
  • In ITIL Standards;
    • Request Management
    • Problem Management
    • SLA Management
    • Inventory Management
  • Software Process Management and Support Services
    • Change management
    • New development, error and data correction management
    • Medical Processes
    • Health Logistics Systems
    • Working Capital, Billing and Budget Management
    • Administrative Processes Management
    • Students and Academician Information System Management
    • Health Provision and Accrual System Management
    • Image Archiving and Distribution System Management
  • End User Management (7,000+ end users)
  • Call Centre and Switchboard Management
  • Corporate System Operation Management
    • Critical Database Management
    • Operating Systems Management
    • System Central Configuration and Management Capabilities (SCCM, SCOM, Exchange SAG, Active Directory, HPInsight Manager, CA Spectrum, etc.)
    • Storage Units
    • Local and Wide Area Network Management
    • Security Device and Rule Management
    • Vulnerability Analysis Management
    • Other IT Processes
    • Central Antivirus
    • Brand/model independent laboratory device integration activities
    • System Room Installation, Operation and Improvement
    • Test Environment Management
    • Central monitoring of remote sites and system rooms
    • Medical Databanks Sustainment Capability
    • Adaptability to Healthcare Informatics Standards
    • Electronic training capability provided to end users in remote sites
    • Integration capability to National Information Systems
    • Multi-disciplinary expertise requirement and management
    • Service management capability
    • Hardware-independent system support and operation capability.


Record: 1/18/2017