Recruitment And Placement Process

The aim of the recruitment and placement process at HAVELSAN is to fill existing vacancies with the most suitable candidates in accordance with the annual human resource planning. Selection and placement is according to the basic capabilities conforming to our company’s vision, mission and corporate culture together with the special capabilities which are required by the vacant positions.

Applications are made to HAVELSAN online, by means of our website or by means of the internet site. All of the applications which are received by our company are recorded in our Human Resources database. In line with the annual workforce planning, if there are open positions, research is conducted at this database and a pool is formed with candidates who meet the qualifications required by the job descriptions.

In accordance with the Procedures Related to the Principles for Personnel Selection, candidates who meet the qualifications required for the vacant positions are subjected to pre-evaluation. Candidates who are found to be eligible as the result of the pre-evaluation are invited to a Technical Interview. Candidates are evaluated from the technical perspective during this interview by the relevant managers. At the end of the interview, personality tests are applied to the most successful candidates and are invited to the Personnel Evaluation Board.

Human Resources also participate in the Personnel Evaluation Board and core competencies of the candidates, attitudes and behaviors in professional life and compliance with the Company are evaluated. Jobs are offered by Human Resources to candidates who have been found to be satisfactory during the meeting of the Board whereby the process related to placement is completed.

Record: 1/18/2017