Human Resources Policy

HAVELSAN is the Information Technology and System powerhouse of Turkey keeping investments made in human resources at the forefront and which constitutes the main capital of the Company. Accordingly, the Company applies a personnel policy which is focused on employees’ job satisfaction, training and continuous development. Within this context, in addition to technical training, training focused on personal development  is arranged.

HAVELSAN Inc. selects and employs persons with high development potential, who will carry the company to the future taking into consideration the sectoral conditions and strives to become an employer which is preferred by skilled labor. In addition, within the context of career management, our talents are monitored at HAVELSAN Inc. by means of the talent-oriented engineering expertise pool that is managed efficiently and effectively. Success of HAVELSAN in this sector, which has adapted the Participatory Management approach, is a reflection of the investments that have been made in human resources.

Record: 1/18/2017