Cyber Security Academy

Cyber security is a SINE QUA NON action to protect your valuable intellectual property, business data and information of your sensitive capabilities.

Lack of skilled workforce, processes and technology constitute the weakest link in protecting your organization against today’s cyber-attacks.

Although cyber security products; hardware, software or even consultancy are available, they do not offer anything more than what the other companies could also achieve. This is why it is indispensable to invest in your employees and equip them with required trainings to develop the best skills and get a step further in the area.

HAVELSAN Cyber Defence Technology Center is the hub of cyber security expertise which offers various levels of theoretical and hands-on cybersecurity trainings in order to strengthen the capabilities of your cyber security stuff.

We designed crucial trainings to conduct the participants’ skills to the relevant cyber security career roadmap and enhance the expertise in the related domain.

HVL-SEC-001: Cyber Security Awareness

HVL-SEC-101: Cyber Security Essentials

HVL-SEC-110: Executive Cyber Security Seminar

HVL-SEC-201: Introduction to Cyber Attack & Defence

HVL-SEC-203: Introduction to Incident Management & Response

HVL-SEC-205: Network Security Basics

HVL-SEC-207: Operating Systems Security Hardening

HVL-SEC-301: Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

HVL-SEC-302: Web Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

HVL-SEC-303: Malware and Exploit Analysis Essentials

HVL-SEC-305: Digital Forensics

HVL-SEC-308: Mobile Security

HVL-SSD-501: Secure Software Development Essentials

HVL-SIEM-121: Introduction to HAVELSAN SIEM Administration

HVL-WAF-122: Introduction to HAVELSAN WAF Administration

HVL-SEC-309: Industrial Cotrol Systems Security

HVL-SEC-310: IT Security Auditing

HVL-SEC-401: Advanced Network Penetration Testing and Security

HVL-SEC-402: Advanced Web Application Attacks and Security

HVL-SEC-403: Red Team Exercise

HVL-SEC-405: Cyber Threat Intelligence

Record: 1/9/2019