Consultancy Services

Cyber Security Architecture Consultancy

In today's complex and integrated information technology working environment, a strong cyber defence can only be achieved with a robust security architecture. HAVELSAN Inc., with the Cyber Security Architectural Design and Implementation teams, analyzes the security requirements of the organizations in information technology infrastructures and aims to meet the security needs that are implemented with process steps such as;

  • Current State and Gap Analysis
  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation
  • Requirement Analysis for Data, Applications, Infrastructure and Processes
  • Cyber Security Architectural Design and Implementation
  • Change Analysis and Reporting

to implement security architecture consultancy and integration projects.

Information Security Management System Consultancy

Information Security Management System (ISMS) consultancy srvices offered by HAVELSAN Inc. include the project phases given below.

  1. Preliminary Analysis and Scoping
  2. ISMS Inventory  Specification and Classification
  3. ISMS Risk Analysis and Evaluation
  4. Penetration Testing and Security Assessments
  5. ISMS Documentation
  6. ISMS Training and Implementation
  7. ISMS Certification
  8. Warranty and Maintenance

Starting from the preliminary analysis and scoping phase up to warranty and maintenance phase, HAVELSAN Inc. provides turn-key solutions including all the consultancy, training and test srvices needed by the customers at every stage of the Information Security Management System installation and operation processes.

Record: 1/9/2019