ILETEE Secure Communication Platform

HAVELSAN develops iletee solution to meet the growing need for secure and reliable communication and data storage in mobile platforms today. Iletee provides communication security by using advanced communication security protocols and algorithms which are also used in existing mobile communication solutions. The reliability dimension of the iletee is realized through the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

Current popular applications include vulnerabilities to attack from operating system level, although they use adequate security protocols and algorithms. In addition to these, the weaknesses of these applications arise from themselves.

Iletee, on the one hand, relieves the weaknesses arising from the level of the operating system by using the Trusted Execution Environment Technology, while it also overcomes the weaknesses stemming from implementations through nationalized applications. In other words, iletee is providing security by adding a secure layer to the existing communication application. 

Iletee application provides the following basic features.
  • End-to-end encryption and authentication technology
  • Secure/Reliable instant messaging
  • Secure/Trusted group messaging
  • Secure/Reliable voice conversation
  • Secure/Reliable location sharing
  • Secure/Reliable voice, video, photo, contact information sharing
  • Secure/Reliable user interface
  • Directory system (LDAP) integration
  • High resistance to operating system security weaknesses

  • Iletee uses next generation ultra-secure OS (TEE-Trusted Execution Environment) technology that is typically used to run security critical application available for ARM Coex processors.
  • Iletee supports secure elements for storing cryptographic transactions.
  • Iletee supports a hardware and software based secure/reliable communication platform.
  • Iletee provides cost-effective application solution that dramatically improve the level of the security of mobile communication platform.
  • Iletee runs transparently with TEE technology alongside an existing Android OS.
  • Reliability in iletee is provided by a chain of trust that continues up to the stages of data generation, data storage and data sharing in the Mobile Secure Communication and Instant Messaging Application, which begins with the installation of the Mobile Device Management Software.
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Record: 11/30/2018