Quality Management

HAVELSAN has adopted the principle of "Quality in Management" and integrated the "Process Orientation" philosophy, which it has internalized and applied since the beginning of 2000s, with its "Strategic Perspective"; has declared this approach to all its internal and external stakeholders with the “Corporate Management System” it has established.

Management System documents currently maintained by HAVELSAN:

Standard / Model

Scope / Description

CMMI Level-3

Integrated Talent Maturity Model

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 27001

Information Security Management System

TS EN ISO 14001

Environmental Management System


Occupational Health and Safety Management System

TS ISO / IEC 20000

Information Technologies Service Management System (BTHYS)

ISO / TS 22301

Business Continuity Management Systems (ISYS)


Quality Policy:
To fully meet customer requests, expectations and complaints in projects / products and to complete within the calendar and budget envisaged by our business ecosystem,

To comply with legal conditions, HAVELSAN Management System principles and ethical rules in our works,

To continuously improve the efficiency of HAVELSAN Management System and the efficiency of applications by using technological infrastructure elements,

Institutional based on strategies, to ensure the continuous development of human resource competencies by using Career Management System data.