Information Technology (IT) Service Management:

In addition to the issues set out in our quality policy, our policies in the context of Information Technology (IT) Service Management are the;

  • To ensure compliance of Company Information Technology (IT) services with legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Keep Company Information Technology (IT) services running,
  • Optimize the costs of Company Information Technology (IT) services,
  • Manage Company Information Technology (IT) service risks and complexity,
  • Managing changes to Company Information Technology (IT) services,
  • Using Company Information Technology (IT) services according to business needs,
  • To regulate the capacity of the company's Information Technology (IT) services,
  • To increase the scalability of Company Information Technology (IT) services.

Business Continuity:

Business impact analyses are performed to prioritize HAVELSAN business processes and IT services that support these processes.

Potential disruption of critical IT services and business processes is prevented and business continuity plans are prepared to ensure continuity of activities.

In conditions where continuity cannot be achieved, during the preemptive downtime period; the necessary measures are taken to make it operational again and data losses are prevented.

All units and employees at HAVELSAN contribute to business continuity and use IT services and infrastructure resources in a manner that does not cause disruption.