We, as HAVELSAN, believe that both our strategies aimed at production and development of Local and National branded Products/Services/Systems in Defence, Security and Information sectors, and the communication and coordination with our specialized, innovative, competitive, and cost-quality-time-performance focused suppliers and providers are possible only with a strong supply chain management. That is why we are acting on the basis of our “Business Partnerships Management System” structured upon Collaboration and Strong Cooperation approach.   


This process is conducted at 7 stages as listed below:

  1. Application/Preliminary Assessment, and
  2. Registration by sending a Preliminary Assessment Approval Supplier Portal password, and
  3. Assessment in Administrative – Quality and Technical aspects, and
  4. Scoring / Classification, and
  5. Assessment Analysis Report, and
  6. Bidding Process / Vendor/Supplier selection / Cooperation / Contracting, and
  7. Overall performance assessment.

Accordingly, before filing a preliminary application to HAVELSAN Business Ecosystem, it is important to note that you have to review and examine our website page for the business activities conducted in HAVELSAN, and to check the conformance of your firm’s own fields of business to HAVELSAN’s fields of business and needs, as well as the correspondence therebetween. To this end, for the sake of a productive and effective cooperation, all or some of the stages defined hereinbelow will be completed so as to register and assess your skills, abilities and talents and to establish business cooperation with your firm:    

Business Partner/Supplier Application and Preliminary Assessment: 
A firm not registered yet in our system is required to send a presentation introducing itself to address and to declare its wish to file an application to HAVELSAN Business Ecosystem. Upon assessment of its application, the firms dealing with business activities corresponding to the fields of business of HAVELSAN will be requested to fill in and certify the information requested in Business Ecosystem Preliminary Assessment Portal to be sent to them by HAVELSAN, thus completing the preliminary assessment stage. Then, firms which score 50 or more points over 100 points in total in the preliminary assessment process and are detected to deal with activities corresponding to HAVELSAN fields of business will be approved, and a Business Ecosystem Supplier Portal Password will be sent to each of them.

Supplier Portal Registration Process: The Supplier Portal Entrance Password allocated and given specifically to your firm is accepted as a key for taking first steps of a cooperation to be established between your firm and HAVELSAN, and disclosure of all detailed information that may be requested from your Firm inside the Portal at this process step will surely contribute to the starting of a business cooperation of long years between the sides. When you disclose all information and complete all exhibits that may be requested from you in HAVELSAN Business Ecosystem Supplier Portal, you will have changed your status to a Registered Candidate Business Partner/Subcontractor at the first stage. And you may be separately contacted if and when more details are needed in respect of the information to be disclosed as cited hereinabove.

Site Survey on Your Firm: In line with the information disclosed by your Firm, your Firm’s Administrative, Quality and Technical aspects and procedures will be surveyed and assessed by HAVELSAN A.Ş. personnel and/or by an Independent Audit Firm to be authorized and assigned by HAVELSAN. As a result of this assessment, over 100 points in total, your Firm’s information, documentation, sources and competences will be assessed, and your Firm will be classified in any one of A, B, C and D Groups, and an Assessment Analysis Report will be issued about your Firm. None of the information and documents to be disclosed or provided by your Firm in the course of these surveys will be shared with any third parties, but all such information and documents will be kept in strict confidence as “TRADE SECRETS”. However, the aforesaid surveys or assessments will in no event pave the way for any obligations or liabilities of your Firm and/or HAVELSAN, nor do they ever contain any commitment of either side thereto.

You may transmit your requests of participation in HAVELSAN Business Ecosystem to the address of