Company Profile

HAVELSAN is one of the most important solution providers of the TAF. The solutions developed by the company for the TAF are competitive in the world market as well. Among these solutions, the Command Control and Combat Systems developed for naval platforms have helped HAVELSAN become a significant player in the global market.

HAVELSAN has also successfully implemented the Air Force Information System project (HvBS), which is Turkey’s largest ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project. Various versions of the same system in different sizes have also been offered to the use of friendly and allied nations.

Training technologies is another area of activity where HAVELSAN is assertive. As one of the world’s leading simulator companies in the defence and aerospace industry that holds a Level D qualification certification granted by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), HAVELSAN’s operations focus on Training and Simulation Technologies, including simulators. HAVELSAN, whose simulator solutions are preferred by the Republic of Korea and Qatar, has also entered the civil aviation market with the Boeing 737NG simulator it has developed for THY (Turkish Airlines). In the area of training systems, HAVELSAN offers integrated solutions such as the Electronic Warfare Test and Training Range (EWTTR) and the Artillery Forward Observer Training Simulator (AFOS) not only to the TAF, but also to friendly and allied nations such as the Republic of Korea, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Having worked on software intensive systems for many years and holding a CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 3 certification in this field, HAVELSAN considers the subject of cyber security - on which it has been working to ensure the security of its own systems - as a separate line of work. Besides land, air, marine and space, cyber security nowadays constitutes another field of operation - or the fifth dimension - in international conflicts. To satisfy the requirement in this area, HAVELSAN established Turkey’s first and only Cyber Defence Technology Centre (SİSATEM), putting it into service in March 2016. HAVELSAN also produces systems and products to meet cyber security needs that are increasing at an unprecedented pace, while also meeting the cyber security-related needs of various institutions.

With its Cyber Security Operation Centre, Cyber Software Analysis and Test services, Corporate Security Support for Public and Private Sector, Cyber Security Training, and Indigenous Cyber Security Software, HAVELSAN is rapidly forging ahead on the way to developing products and solutions for Turkey and friendly and allied nations, while also moving closer with each passing day towards its goal of becoming ‘Turkey’s Centre of Excellence’ in Cyber Security.

Homeland security (of which cyber security is a sub-field) is in another area on which HAVELSAN has focused its activities in recent times. The company takes active part in various projects across Turkey, including pipeline security, the renewal of the MOBESE system, and ensuring the security of the third airport, which is currently under construction in Istanbul and is to become the world’s third largest airport.

For years, HAVELSAN has also been successfully meeting the management informatics system requirements of public institutions. Products like UYAP, the automation system of Turkish judiciary, and SEÇSİS, the election automation system that successfully fulfilled its task in 12 different elections, come across as self-proven solutions.

Record: 1/17/2017