New Type Submarine Combat Management System

By undertaking the development and adaptation activities of the Combat Management System for New Type Submarines being built for the Turkish Navy, HAVELSAN has added a new product to its Combat Management Systems product range.
  • Target acquisition and tracking by means of control of main acoustic sensors (SONAR) and analysis of data received from these sensors
  • Management of sensors as RADAR, ED, periscope and display of data received from these sensors
  • Execution of General Navigation and Tactical Navigation functions
  • Acoustic classification and identification
  • Torpedo/Weapon Integration By means of scalable and modular Combat Management System;
  • Submarine Modernization and Development,
  • Mine Hunter Vessel,
  • Unmanned Naval Vehicles,
  • Underwater Sensor Networks,
  • Sonobuoy
A national and indigenous system.

Record: 10/4/2017