Tuzla Class Patrol Boats Combat Systems

Designed for the Tuzla-Class Patrol Boats and having expandable architecture with the indigenous HAVELSAN products, the Combat System provides the advanced technology, through domestic sources and capabilities, needed for the supply and modernization of combat platforms of the Turkish Navy. 

Tuzla-Class Patrol Boats are the first national warships of Turkey constructed in a private shipyard. The design of the Combat System was made by bringing together Weapons (remote controlled stabilized machine gun) and Electronic Systems (navigation, communications, search, detection, underwater detection, command & control systems) of the latest technology.

The Combat System performed its mission by directly hitting the target in its first trial during surface and antiaircraft fires in the best way and broke a rather challenging performance record. 

The Combat Systems produced for Tuzla-Class Patrol Ships have been developed to fulfill mission functions for reconnaissance, surveillance, and patrolling and underwater defense warfare in the straits, bases, port approach waters and regions closer to coasts and contribute to base, port defense mission functions.

Record: 1/18/2017