Milgem Class Corvet Combat Management System

Under the MILGEM (National Corvette) Project, HAVELSAN as the designer and system integrator of the Combat Management System adapted the GENESIS Combat Management System developed for modernizations of GABYA class frigates to the weapons and sensors of MILGEM and integrated it onto the MILGEM corvette. HAVELSAN designed, developed, supplied and integrated the Ship Data Distribution System (SDDS), GENESIS Data Links Systems (GDLS), Message Handling System (MHS), Ship Information System (SIS) and Land-Deployed Testing System as well. HAVELSAN carried out design, development/production and integration of the following systems under the contract of MILGEM Combat Systems: 
  • Combat Management System
  • Multiple Data Links System
  • Message Handling System (MHS)
  • Ship Data Distribution and Time System (SDDS/STS)
  • Combat System Data Networks and Video Networks
  • Ship Information System (SIS) 
The next generation Network Enabled Data Integrated (GENESIS ADVENT) Combat Management System jointly developed by HAVELSAN and Turkish Navy will be adapted to and integrated onto the MILGEM platform.

Record: 1/18/2017