Landing Ship Tank (Lst) Combat Management System

Integrated multi data link capability and amphibious software requirements adapted and developed under the LST needs were configured with additional capabilities fit for the mission functions of the ship. Equipped with modern systems, having comprehensive and high command & control capabilities, the integration design of combat system configuration to be installed for the first time on a LST type ship was made. Necessary adaptation units also designed and developed for integration of numerous weapons, sensors and electronic systems of different architecture. The Ship Information Distribution System (SIDS) hardware and software that enable the management of existing data resources and users on the LST platform were developed.

A Combat Management System that ensures creation, sustainment and exchange, by means of link, of tactical picture in the operation field; coordinated utilization of ship weapons and sensors and that provides functions and decision support facilities necessary for amphibious operation has been installed.

The Ship Information Distribution System ensures timely, correct and redundant supply of data produced by the existing onboard systems to the relevant systems. It was ensured that the Ship Information System makes secure data exchange by connecting to the TSK-NET, NATO-WAN and internet networks of the ship.

Record: 10/4/2017