Gabya Class Frigate Combat Management System (Genesis)

GENESIS CMS was initiated in order to modernize the Combat Management Systems of GABYA class frigates. Adaptation units were designed and developed, under the GENESIS project, necessary for integration of numerous weapons, sensors and electronic systems of different architecture and integration of the platform data to the GENESIS CMS. Reconnaissance, surveillance, identification, tracking and classification procedures are performed through fully automatic methods with the sensors on the platform and in the operational environment on this integrated system. Integrated Multiple Data Link capability was also gained for the purpose of transferring tactical pictures to friend troops. GENESIS supports off-the-shelf commercial hardware based on open system architecture and provides the following capabilities:
  • Quick reaction time against guided missiles
  • High level combat system automation
  • Centralized command and control capability
  • Situational awareness and decision support
  • Increased robustness and high reliability
  • Onboard training capability 
Thanks to its adaptability to various platforms, GENESIS is a Combat Management System preferred in any type of ship modernization and new ship building projects of the Naval Forces.

The GENESIS Combat Management System is successfully implemented to the Turkish Gabya Class Frigates.

Record: 1/18/2017