KAŞİF Geographic Information System

KAŞİF® is a high-performance, scalable and easy-to integrate Geographic Information System product providing map presentation, visualization, and location-based analysis servces for Defence and IT software products.



  • Map Servcing with OGC Standards (WMS, WFS, WCS, WRS, WMTS)
  • 2D/3D visualization on the Web
  • Display realistic 3D terrains using its hillshade feature
  • NATO APP-6A/6B/6C Military Symbology Standart
  • ABD MIL-STD-2525B/C Military Symbology Standart
  • TSK MS-76-2 Military Symbology Standart
  • Geographic Analysis
  • Basic GIS shapes are supported
  • S57/S63 Navigation Charts are supported
  • Various Gepgraphic Data Fomats are supported
  • Different Coordinate and Projection are supported

KAŞİF is used in projects for;

  • Planning necessary for CBRN defense, modeling of distribution, determination of the area exposed to pollution, determination of the regions to be evacuated,
  • Virtual Flight on Moving Map,
  • Command Control Operation Planning,
  • Vessel Tracking System,
  • “Moving Map” for Air Platform,
  • Tactical and geographical situation display for the battle management system,
  • To be able to create simple and complex GIS drawings on both planar environment and on earth shapes,
  • Used for time-dependent playback of historical or real-time data

Record: 1/18/2017