DOOB Command & Control Information System

Joint and Network Enabled
Being designed as an integrated defence solution, DOOB suits well for joint operations; it supports seamless information sharing between the nodes in the military organization and even can be extended to include civilian assets. With the help of the underlying framework it can be deployed in mesh, distributed or centralized architecture. Its common military interfaces make DOOB capable of information sharing with other C2 systems.

DOOB Command & Control Information System
DOOB is an application that includes the core functionalities of a Command and Control Information System. It is mainly designed for national and NATO requirements, and may be extended to meet specific requirements. The main purpose of DOOB is to increase the situational awareness in all appropriate command levels. DOOB supports managing the planning and execution phases of operations in different functional areas. DOOB is designed for use in strategic, operational and tactical levels of command. The current version of DOOB supports the Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP) solution and can exchange data according to MIP Block-3 standards. Besides the MIP solution, DOOB also supports ADatP-3 Baseline 11C, Tactical Data Link Systems, NATO Friendly Force Information (NFFI) IP1 and IP2 standards. HAVELSAN has been developing Command & Control, Simulation, Education and Information Systems for Turkish Armed Forces and worldwide for 30 years. DOOB is a product of HAVELSAN’s wide domain and engineering experience.

General Specifications
Core Command and Control functionalities
• Supports common military standards
   - Planning: NATO STANAG 2014, National Standards
   - Symbology: APP-6A/B, MIL-STD-2525B/C, MS76-2
   - Information sharing: NATO MIP Block 2/3/3.1, ADatP-3 Baseline 11C, NFFI IP1/IP2
• Holistic in the business and solution dimensions
• Adaptable to local requirements
• Extendible according to specific requirements
• Secure and reliable for national security concerns
• Quick and easy use
• Modular
• Scalable
• Easy to deploy
• Single point of maintenance and management
• Low service life costs
• Interoperable with NATO MIP solution, ADatP-3
• Baseline 11C and NFFI IP1/IP2

Record: 1/18/2017