Peace Eagle Command & Control System

The Peace Eagle AEW aircraft provides Air Defense and Early Warning capabilities without any geographical restriction and makes it possible to implement the Air Command & Control capabilities on airborne systems. This capability is a power factor that only few countries possess and has made the Turkish Air Forces a power that is capable of acting in any region around the world beyond merely being a regional power by supporting C4ISR capabilities, the AAR and the DMSC with portable mission planning and analysis elements. The Peace Eagle AEW&C Aircraft detects and follows the tracks within its field using its onboard Radar/IFF and Electronic Support Measures, and ensures integration of track and threat data received from other sensors on the shared air picture by putting through the fusion by means of advanced communication capabilities. Then, it distributes such information to its associated elements in the relevant report formats or engages the same to the necessary targets. Missing planning, post-mission analysis, simulation and training requirements as well as maintenance and development activities of the system software are met through the capabilities within Ground Support Center (GSC). 
  • Creation of air picture and reports
  • Threat evaluation
  • Tracking, intelligence, reconnaissance roles
  • Reporting engagement information
  • SAR and ATC role

Record: 1/18/2017