Employee Experience

Talent Movement
We are well aware of the fact that our employees are comprised of the most talented professionals in their fields of discipline and constitute our most valuable treasure. Each of them is a separate talent and we see each of these talents as a very valuable note, and when each is placed in the notation system concertedly, we can easily produce a magnificent and monumental symphony.  It is this symphony which will surely be adequate to make HAVELSAN one of the top 100 defence corporations of the world and to carry even forward.  And this consciousness led us to think “You are adequate for the whole world” and to initiate the Talent Movement of polyphonic talents.

Because HAVELSAN employee is “enough” to the world with its light, experience, knowledge and ability!

Performance Management
With Goal-based Assessment, we are making sure that our employees aim at certain, measurable, feasible, relevant and time-based (SMART) goals and targets in strict compliance with our Company’s vision and strategies.

These goals and targets determined by us at the beginning of each year are reviewed and if required, revised by us at the “targeted revision” time, and thus, we are capable of recognizing our employees who show a superior performance in the “goal assessment” process and of achieving results clearly indicating the individual contributions to the overall success.