HAVELSAN Inc.is an affiliated company of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation
HAVELSAN A.Ş. Türk Silahlı Kuvvetlerini Güçlendirme Vakfı'nın bir kuruluşudur.

Civil Aviation

Studies and activities are carried out in the civil aviation fields of Onboard Systems, In-Flight Entertainment Systems and Information Systems for Airport and Terminal Management.

Competencies in branches of System Engineering, Software Engineering, Avionics Integration Engineering and Manufacturing are as follows:

System Engineering
  • “Domain” and “Context” analyses, need analysis by closely working with clients, System Concept designs,
  • Ability to develop avionic systems in accordance with the Guidelines for System Development on Civil Airborne Platforms - ARP4754A,
  • System Safety Analyses of systems / equipment to be developed on Civil Airborne Platforms as per the Safety Assessment Guidelines ARP4761,
  • Compatibility analyses among avionic systems and equipment.

Software Engineering
  • Software development over avionic data buses such as ARINC 429, ARINC 1553 and Discrete,
  • Software management of software units developed for civil aircrafts,
  • Equipment and Software Status Monitoring and Software Redundancy capability,
  • Software development as per DO-178B/C standard,
  • In-Flight Entertainment Systems maintenance software,
  • High quality Mobile (Android and IOS) and Web applications and development Map application,
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) content protection solution approved by Hollywood studios,
  • Media Encoding and Video Streaming
  • Mobile device management capability with Mobil Device Management (MDM),

Avionics Integration Engineering
  • Hardware engineering activities for civil aircrafts and cabin systems
  • Hardware equipment development in safety standards of Civil Airborne Platforms,
  • High Signal Speed board design (Ethernet 1Gb, 2.5 Gb, Fiber), ARM based CPU board design, GSM board design and FPGA based,
  • Avionic server design,
  • Card design Avionic Mil-Std- 1553 / ARINC 429 / ARINC 717 architectures.

Application for “EASA Part 21 Subpart G Production Organization Approval (POA)” to make serial production of software for IFE systems.

Products and Projects
  • Wireless In-Flight Entertainment System,
  • Seat-Back Screen In-Flight Entertainment System,
  • Tablet Based In-Flight Entertainment System,
  • Onboard Internet (Connectivity),
  • Entertainment System for Lounges,
  • Airport and Terminal Management Information


Record: 1/18/2017