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Healthcare Solutions

As is the case all around the world, the demands for and expectations towards healthcare services are increasing day by day; but along with this, the resources allocated to such services may remain much more limited. This situation compel our country to develop more efficient and comprehensive policies regarding provision and financing of healthcare services and to finance more productive activities. Issues such as financing models of healthcare services, methods of reimbursement to service providers and inspection and audit mechanisms to that end are much debated both in practice and in scientific circles, and in this respect, efforts and studies oriented at developing new implementation models have gained importance as well. This situation has necessitated new and innovative approaches towards enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare sector and placed much importance on the healthcare informatics applications.

Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS), in this aspect, constitute the nervous system of hospitals and ensure continuous and almost real-time monitoring and administration of hospitals. Hospital information systems can be considered as the backbone of hospitals in administrative, medical, managerial and  organizational terms, and comprise processes such as Patient Admission, Discharge and transfer procedures, Material management systems, Financial information system, Human resources information systems, Laboratory information systems, Radiology information system, Pharmacy information system and Nursing practices. These systems also include data exchange and integrations with other relevant external systems in line with the requirements and standards of the Ministry of Health.

Developed by HAVELSAN and in use at more than thirty military hospitals for about ten years, the HAVELSAN HIMS product is an HIMS application that meets the requirements of today’s healthcare facilities in the highest level. HAVELSAN HIMS is a major solution option for national and international healthcare facilities with  its high technology, reliable, flexible, manageable, quick and easy use structure and scalable application features. Initial implementations of Integrated Health Campuses (“IHC”), a model for provision of healthcare services for the next 25 years starting from this years in Turkey, will begin with the use of HAVELSAN HIMS.

In addition to its role as the main solution provider of HIMS to healthcare facilities, HAVELSAN conducts studies on national health system across the country as well.

Record: 1/18/2017