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SST-HAVELSAN Basic Services

Technology today is in prevalent in every aspect of our daily lives; and Internet is now an essential tool in numerous fields much more than being easy access to information and entertainment.

So much dependence of our lives on technology and Internet endangers our personal information against cyber attacks and also might result in undesirable situations that may threaten our national security. For these reasons, the importance of quite many important capabilities such as development of effective, powerful, quality, domestic and national cyber defense systems; provision of suitable solutions and services; analysis of cyber threats and malware in cyber security laboratories and revitalization of their effects is obvious. Solutions to address all these requirements are offered with the established quality and assurance of HAVELSAN.
Our Services and Products
  • Cyber Security Operation Center Service,
  • Cyber Software Analysis and Testing Service,
  • Public and Private Sector Corporate SecuritySupport Service,
  • Cyber Security Training Service,
  • Domestic Cyber Security Software.

Record: 1/18/2017