HAVELSAN Inc.is an affiliated company of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation
HAVELSAN A.Ş. Türk Silahlı Kuvvetlerini Güçlendirme Vakfı'nın bir kuruluşudur.

Information Security And Testing Services

HAVELSAN handles Information Security in layers by managing their relations within a hierarchy, and offers solutions and services that function to ensure end-to-end in-depth security without allowing any security vulnerability from raw data to applications that share information, and to mobile platforms.

Classification of Data and identification of Data Ownership by the relevant institution well in advance of creation of the information are of utmost importance for information security and especially Data Leak Prevention (DLP).

Information security and testing services are offered by means of numerous methods such as protection of databases where data is stored, protection of needed critical data, audit of accesses, monitoring of authorized users including system administrators, encryption, masking and so on.

Existing applications in the institution systems are tested; source code analyses are conducted (SCA), and proper approaches for installation of a secure Software Development Lifecycle (S-SDLC) which is under development. Black-Box Testing is implemented for web applications in production environment and Manual Test for web and other applications that require advanced proficiency and experience. In addition to the above, Vulnerability Scans and/or professional Penetration Tests are applied onto desired systems. Where necessary, Social Engineering techniques are included in the tests. HAVELSAN also offers Secure Software Development Process Consultancy in addition to all these testing services.

Record: 1/18/2017